Welcome to Pam's Handling Classes

Pam's Classes

Throughout the year, my classes proceed on an ongoing basis.  Each handling session is 6 weeks in duration with a two hour weekly class each Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 p.m.  The initial response of many is that 2 hours is a very long time for a class,  most having prior experience in only a one hour time frame.  From many years of familiarity in teaching show handing, I have discovered that these 2 hour classes work very well. The class format is made up of gaiting and stacking and examinations, coupled nicely with brief rest periods where we all discuss breeds, standards, and various incidents that may occur in the show ring. It is a good mingling of work and discussion. Even the younger dogs do very well with this arrangement. The classes are structured, with no walk-ins allowed.  CKC dog show rules are made available to each student as well as the handling book, copies of the bait recipe, and a reading list of specifically selected books covering subjects such as dog shows, canine structure and movement, and general interest. The Owner Handler Photo Album is a fun item and students are encouraged to supply show photos with themselves showing their dog. I will place these photos in the album and it will be available for perusal at all classes

Building where handling classes take place

My building is located on a quiet country road in a picturesque area of the Niagara region, nestled amongst mature trees, and surrounded by rolling fields and vineyards. It is approximately 25 minutes west of Niagara Falls and perhaps 45 minutes from Hamilton and only 2 kms north of Hwy #20.

There are washroom facilities and a kitchen and the building is air conditioned in summer. I supply pop and bottled water for each class. The parking lot is very large and occasionally we also work outside just for a change of pace. Each applicant is required to complete a registration form that guarantees their animal is fully vaccinated.  I supply all necessary cleaning supplies and my students are instructed regularly about stooping and scooping.

The address is 1710 Maple St. , Fenwick, ON, L0S 1C0.