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Select one or two pounds of Pork liver, more if you want plenty to store for future shows. Boil the liver until it has a rubbery consistency with no red showing.

At this point there will be a fair amount of frothy stuff that you will want to discard. Drain the liver and then rinse it well so that all the residue is gone.

Shake off the excess water from each piece and blot with paper towels until the surface of the meat is only slightly damp. Place each piece as flat as possible on a foil lined cookie sheet. Sprinkle the liver with garlic powder. (not garlic salt) Leaving a bit of moisture on the liver pieces helps the garlic powder to stick to the meat.

Bake in a 200 degree oven until the pieces are dry. Turn once so that each side is baked. If you use a hot oven or leave the liver too long, it will become very dry and hard and may not be as appealing to your dog.

If done properly, this liver bait can be carried safely in any clothing pocket without danger of staining. When the product is completed it should be rubbery, tear easily and should not crumble. Beef liver does tend to crumble easier which is why pork liver is recommended and it is lower priced.

If you do several batches, it can be stored in small zip lock bags in the freezer. As you are leaving for the day to show your dog, take a bag from the freezer. By the time you are ring ready, your bait will be too. It may require a minimal amount of blotting with a paper towel just to remove the excess moisture that has accumulated during the thawing process. Do not cut your liver in tiny pieces but rather use a large chunk and tear small pieces from it to feed occasionally to your dog and to encourage him to be attentive while in the ring. And always carry your bait directly in your pocket, never in a plastic bag in your pocket. And please, please, no bait bags!!!!