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I entered the realm of the pure bred dog in 1969. Our son was born that year and by the time he was a year old, we had purchased our first dog, a Bullmastiff, from Mary Prescott of Scyldocga fame in New Jersey. It wasn’t long until we were active bullmastiff breeders and exhibitors under the SHATRUGO registered prefix. And we were also parents of a second child, a daughter. I am very proud that both children are devoted purebred dog owners. From those early beginnings, I moved forward in the dog world and soon began showing other breeds as a favour to friends. It wasn't long before we purchased a full sized van and several dogs were accompanying me to shows. I quickly realized that contracts and fee schedules were a necessity and so it was that I became an all breed handler.

I have professionally handled dogs in the U.S. and Canada, here chiefly in Quebec and Ontario. My main focus throughout the years was in the working group due primarily I think, because working dog clients always appreciated my connection to a large breed. However at one time or another, I have handled breeds from each group with some wonderful best in show wins. The major players in these groups were ranked in the top ten. This career has served me well for many years, allowing me the luxury to do what I love and affording me the opportunity to attain friends and ‘family’ in the farthest corners of the world. The Bullmastiffs have always been a constant in my life and I have been intensely active in the breed as well as fiercely protective. In more recent years I have added the delightful French Bulldog to my life and the breeding forum. These two breeds seem to compliment one another or perhaps it is just those fat faces that are so appealing!!

In the past I have been actively involved in an all breed club as well as the professional handlers association. I have taught countless handling classes for various kennel clubs, conducted private classes on my property, offered weekend seminars, and for many years I was the principal handling instructor for classes sponsored by a local well known boarding kennel. This is a segment of my canine career that I absolutely enjoy beyond measure. And to that end I now teach private classes year round. Combined with handling, breeding, exhibiting, and teaching, I am also interested in judging. I have proudly judged sweepstakes at the Canadian Bullmastiff National specialty in 2008 in Surrey, BC, as well as presiding over futurity judging at the U.S. Bullmastiff National specialty in 2009 in Lafayette, Louisiana. In addition, I have judged Bullmastiff sweeps at specialties in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Perry, Georgia, Dallas Texas, and Portland Oregon. In 2012, I was honoured to be a part of the judging panel at the Top Twenty event in conjunction with the American Bullmastiff Association National Specialty. And in 2013, I was pleased to judge numerous sweepstakes and sanction matches throughout Ontario. These are some very memorable and delightful times. The sport of dogs has been challenging, demanding, and rewarding. How fortunate I am to have handled some great dogs. It has been a thrilling ride all these years and the journey continues.

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